Field helps scientists and academics communicate the value of their research through creative content.

As a result, their work is more clearly understood, within and outside the academic world.

Field translates academic research results into captivating stories. We use film, photography, creative writing, and social media to honour the profound and accurate.

We also work to spark interest in creative science communication. We give workshops on novel ways to share research findings, and speak at international conferences.

Collaborating with Field means:

  • Thoughtful rendering of research results into fresh, compelling content
  • Strategic planning to give a story the impact it deserves, online and offline
  • Working alongside experienced creatives, minimal time investment required

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Our Story

Sociologist Caroline Masquillier spent many years doing fieldwork in South Africa and Uganda. She realised that the inspiring stories of the people she worked with (her research respondents) were too often left untold.

These people couldn't just be numbers in her academic publications. Caroline picked up a camera, collaborated with a photographer friend, and started using photos and films to supplement and inform her research findings.

The result was a new kind of academic narrative. Her work resonated academically and emotionally. Her research respondents were given a face, and their voices and stories became part of a greater scientific community.

Caroline won awards (Vocatio - Award Gust Bouwen - KVAB year prize ). Born out of her belief in the power of creative storytelling, she brought a creative dream team to the table and formed Field.

Field provides another perspective on science, sharing unique stories that are rarely told, but ones that matter: stories from the Field.

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We bring together scientists and creatives who communicate academic insights in innovative and creative ways. We derive stories from scientific research to engage new audiences and inspire positive change.